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Property Management

We ​specialize in...

  • Tiller / Lawn Grading & more

  • Rotary Cutter - heavy brush, anything under 1.5 inch thick

  • Moving dirt, soil, rock, mulch, debris, and sand

  • Lifting and moving small concrete, remove brush, bushes

  • Remove anything on top of soil, plants, grass small bushes, scrapes ground clean

  • Dig trenches for water draining

  • Dig fence post, concrete pier, and more (6, 9, & 12 inch holes up to 3.5 feet deep)

  • Level stone driveways and lawns

Property Management Extreme Outdoor Pros
  • Residential and commercial landscaping


  • Residential and commercial hardscaping


  • Landscaping and hardscaping

Free consultation Extreme Outdoor Pros
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